How to help your sewer Pipes Work better?

Many residences are suffering a huge wave of cast-iron sewer pipe difficulties due to the 25–35-year life cycle of cast-iron pipes. If your cast iron sewer pipes are 25 years or older, they could fail at any time. Tree root incursion, cracks, channeling, or misaligned connections may have already weakened your drainage lines, which could lead you to experience major sewage line failure.

4 plumbing issues that can cause your ceiling to leak

Most homeowners ignore early signals of a water leak because it doesn’t seem bad enough to bother. Sometimes they want to skip the issue because they rather not know what will come up once they dig into it (a big mistake you don’t want to make)

Slow sink Drains? As a homeowner, you should never underestimate the seriousness of drainage problems.

At first, a clogged or slow-moving drain may appear to be a minor issue, but it may rapidly become a major one. Slow drains can signify several issues, including the early blockage, constricted pipes caused by mineral or grease accumulation, or even unsatisfactory drainage system grading.

As a reason, if you notice a slow drain, you must contact a professional plumber as soon as possible. Call us (Wiehler Mechanical) at 403-300-0813 if you are seeking a plumbing company in Calgary.

Is a leaking pipe an emergency?

If you continuously ignore a leaky pipe, it might eventually cause more severe problems in your home, such as discoloured walls, mould, and flooding. These damages can depreciate your property value quickly and cost more to repair in the long run. As a result, if you have discovered a leaking pipe, you should consult with a local plumber right away. If you are in Calgary and are looking for an emergency plumber, contact us (Wiehler Mechanical) at 403-300-0813.  

Signs it’s time to call a plumber to avoid an emergency

Sometimes we fail to recognize the seriousness of a plumbing fault that could be potentially dangerous over time. If left unattended, it can cause significant damage to your home. Also, it can cause both long and short-term health issues to your family.