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Is a leaking pipe an emergency?

Eric Wiehler

If you continuously ignore a leaky pipe, it might eventually cause more severe problems in your home, such as discoloured walls, mould, and flooding. These damages can depreciate your property value quickly and cost more to repair in the long run. As a result, if you have discovered a leaking pipe, you should consult with a local plumber right away. If you are in Calgary and are looking for an emergency plumber, contact us (Wiehler Mechanical) at 403-300-0813.  


These are three potential damages that could arise from a leaking pipe.   




Pipe leaks lead to mould development and growth. Moisture provides an ideal breeding environment for the fungus, putting your home and health at risk. Mould can also harm appliances, fixtures, and other home components that come into contact with water. In addition, if inhaled, mould can cause severe respiratory problems.  


Property Damage


One of the most common problems caused by leaking pipes is property damage. When a pipe bursts, water seeps into the floor and surrounding walls, causing extensive water damage. It’s critical to avoid this situation at all costs; otherwise, you might end up needing costly home repairs in the future.  


Rusting Pipes  


If the leaks are occurring from metal pipes, it will cause the water pipe to rust. Rust degrades metal and makes it harder to get repaired. In addition, a portion of the corroded pipe may quickly explode if a plumber tries to loosen it to repair or replace it – what an experienced plumber will do is turn off the water before starting the repair. In the long term, a damaged metal pipe will cause much more issues.     


Conclusion: a leaking pipe is an emergency.   


It is not hard to spot a small leak; for example, discoloured patches on the walls, dampness or drips under sinks are clear signs of the water leak. In addition, if you detect any wet spots or sections of the floor that appear warmer or more relaxed than usual, it could cause a leaky pipe. If you have found a leaking pipe, it will be wise to treat it as an emergency and contact a plumber right away to avoid more significant damages in the future.    

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