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Working alongside Calgary’s most prominent builders, Marty Wiehler established Wiehler Plumbing and heating in 1979. His company has established a reputation for quality workmanship and long-term client service. Marty’s son, John, joined the company in 1999 as an apprentice, earning his journeyman ticket in 2007. John became President of Wiehler Plumbing and heating in 2010 and has led the company’s stable growth from a staff of 3 to 51 over the previous 10 years. The Wiehler team builds commercial/multi-family spaces as well as custom homes and provides maintenance and repair services to customers throughout the Southern Alberta area. We service a full range of mechanical systems.

Through the booms and busts of the last four decades, Wiehler Plumbing and heating has steadily built a reputation for excellence in an industry plagued by unreliable trades. We know that a successful construction project is a massive undertaking and constant communication between builders and trades is key to staying on time and budget. Our approach is to hire outstanding technicians, empower them to make decisions, and give them the tools and support they need to succeed. Our journeyman technicians can handle the most complex jobs, from hydronics to RTUs, and because they make decisions on site, they can turn around changes or customization within minutes, not days. We coordinate directly with other trades to bring solutions rather than problems and have daily touch points with builders to keep everyone informed. This simple formula translates into builder satisfaction.

Previous Jobs

We have an outstanding track record of completing full mechanical projects on time and budget. Below you will find a selection of our previous projects. If you would like to learn more about any of our projects, we would be happy to provide more information. We pride ourselves on our detailed job quotations before jobs start which ensure both us and our clients understand the scope and costs before the job commences.
Residences of King Edwards, Rockwood Custom Homes
This is a 43,100 sq.ft., 18-unit, luxury custom condominium in the Marda Loop area. It is a 3-story wood framed building with concreted suspended slab above a parkade. Our scope included all plumbing, HVAC, sprinklers, controls, heating with 2- 800,000 btu condensing boilers, cooling with 1- 45-ton roof top chiller, storm water, radon, RWL, and high and low pressure gas distribution.
Barbados Cultural Centre, Adaptable Projects
This tenant improvement was a design/build of the full mechanical on the Barbados Cultural Centre. This center had two second floor mechanical rooms with 3 residential style furnaces (reduced cost for the client), 3 HRV’s, and rough-in for future air conditioning. As well, this space had 2 full bank washrooms and 2 main floor ADA washrooms. In total this space had 8 toilets, 2 urinals, 7 vanities, a 3-compartment sink with commercial grade dishwasher, bar sink and mop sinks. The full scope of the job included sanitary, venting, gas, fixtures, HWT, HRV’s, furnaces, controls, and duct distribution.
Center Ave Badminton, OPUS
This project was a tenant improvement for a badminton center. Our scope included supplying and installing RTU’s, exhaust fans, roof curbs, ground works plumbing, rough-in plumbing, hot water tanks ran in parallel, water fountain, urinals, toile’s and showers. We were brought on board directly by the client after we were able to better value engineer the job to provide cost savings and achieve the clients vision for a functional badminton facility.
Tiller, Rockwood Custom Homes
This was a full renovation of a historical building with 3 separate residential add-ons which we turned into 1 new commercial space for the client. We supplied and installed all HVAC equipment including, 5 roof top HRV’s with re-heat coils, 11 mini split heads controlled from 5 separate condensers, new B-vent chimney from existing mechanical room up through roof, 1 MUA and 1 HRV installed on mezzanine, duct distribution, plumbing, waterlines, radiant heat throughout, boiler piping for radiant heat and re-heat coils, 3 new well tanks installed to compensate for required new waterline loads, urinals, toilets, showers, and touch free faucets.
East village Olympia Liquor, BSI
This was a tenant improvement on the 3rd floor of a downtown multi-story tower. We did all the sanitary, venting, waterlines, HRV heating coils, condensate piping for HRV’s and heat pumps. We worked directly with the engineer, GC, and architects to mark out optimal coring locations in order to keep the job on budget and schedule.
(3) Anytime Fitness Locations, FE Construction
These projects were tenant improvements where we took care of all plumbing, waterlines, drainage, and fixtures, which included urinals, toilets, ADA compliant washrooms and fountains. The Edmonton location also had hydronic force flow heaters.
Ceili’s Pub, Soundtex
This project was expansion of the Ceili’s pub downtown. They added a 7000 sq ft tent on the second level of Calgary Place Tower Two which will be a venue for bands and large social events. Our scope included installing a commercial kitchen and pizza oven in a sea can, as well as extensive renovations to the existing offices in the tower due to the change of occupancy. This office area now has a prep kitchen, bathrooms, and offices. We added an RTU and exterior exhaust fan to this space due to the building systems shutting down after 6:00. Although this was an engineered project, we were asked to assess all aspects of this project with a critical perspective on potential savings. We were able to redesign the system to bring costs down by using alternative equipment and new duct layouts which worked for the builder and the engineer.
My Garage Airdrie, BSI
This was a retrofit for a new garage shop. We supplied the plumbing/ water lines, compressed air lines and gas lines. This included an 80ft trench drain that drained into an oil interceptor.
(15) Freshii Locations, FE Construction

These build outs took place throughout Alberta in stand-alone locations as well as downtown towers. Our scope included all of the plumbing, including grease interceptors, waterlines, drainage, insulation and commercial appliance installations.

10- Calgary and surrounding areas including Cochrane, Airdrie, and Okotoks

2- Edmonton

1- Sylvan Lake

1- Medicine Hat