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Why Choose Wiehler for Your Sewer Installation or Repair?

At Wiehler Plumbing and Heating, our expert team goes above and beyond to ensure you have the best possible customer experience. From start to finish, we work with the same precision and care, regardless of the job. We’ve got your back, whether you need a quick inspection service or an emergency repair. You can rest assured that we will have your heating and plumbing system up and running in no time. 

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How Wiehler Can Help

At Wiehler, we have four decades of experience keeping water in its place. A broken sewer can be very frustrating. We can clear the toughest blockages and diagnose the problem with a video so that it doesn’t happen again.

Our technicians have years of experience and will always recommend the best option when looking at repair or replacing your sewer system. Normally, replacing your sewer is often your best choice for dealing with a serious issue. Bellied or damaged pipes and encroaching tree roots require serious intervention. Our video inspection services can diagnose the problem at a minimal cost. From there, we offer trenched and trenchless sewer replacements which resolve the problem permanently.

For problems that do not require a full replacement, we recommend preventative care to prolong the life of your sewer. Chemical treatments can be effective against roots and regular augering and jetting could keep your drains running at a minimal cost.

  • Sewer Replacements
  • Trenchless Sewer Repairs
  • Chemical Treatments
  • Maintenance Against Roots And Other Blockages
  • Unclog Sinks, Toilets, and Showers
  • Clear Main Drains To The City Line
  • Video Inspections

Why Choose Us

In Wiehler’s our expert team goes above and beyond to make sure you receive the ultimate customer experience. No matter the size of the job, we work with the same precision and care from start to finish. Whether it’s a quick drain cleaning you need or a comprehensive repiping you require, we have your back. You can rest assured knowing we will perform the repair or installation and get your home back in working order in no time at all.

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