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Why Choose Wiehler for Your Water Softener Installation?

Soft water is free from harsh minerals that can cause damage to your home’s water system and your body. Because hard water can cause damage to your water system, it’s important to find someone who will do a professional job and guarantee their work. At Wiehler, we have four decades of experience with water softeners and can help you navigate the many options, so you always have peace of mind over your home’s water system. 

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Benefits of Having Water Softener

Below are some of the benefits of using Water Softener

Soft water can be extremely beneficial for your hair and skin while bathing or showering. The mineral ions in hard water prevent it from being completely soluble with soaps, forming a precipitate in the form of soap scum. Because soft water lacks these minerals, homes with a water softener enjoy a deeper lather. The benefits of a water softener on the skin go deeper than soap lather. It can also alleviate the effects hard water has on your body because of a loss of natural oils in your skin and hair.

A water softener prevents the adverse effects of hard water on your clothes while making them soft to the touch and preserving the new, fresh look and feel.

If you live in a hard water area, you know how difficult it is to keep your dishes clean. No matter how many times you clean them, or the soaps or detergents you use, your glass and silverware are left with a cloudy appearance as soon as it dries. A water softener fixes the problem at the root, removing the minerals before they can build up on your dishes. And because soft water fuses with soaps and detergent more completely, there is more lather and more cleaning action in your dishwashing routine.

If you live in a home with hard water, you know how time-consuming cleaning can be. You are constantly re-washing dishes and laundry. You may spend hours a week scrubbing chalky lime and soap scum off the walls of your showers, sinks, and faucets. Using a water softener not only prevent the negative effects of hard water, but soft water fully dissolves and penetrates soap, less insoluble soap scum or curd collects in your bathroom. Saving the time you spend cleaning on a regular basis.

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