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Why Choose Wiehler for Your Boiler Install & Repair?

Ensure your boiler is ready for Alberta weather by working with Wiehler for boiler repair, maintenance, and installation. Our expert technicians can diagnose problems with your commercial or residential boiler before they become an emergency. Regular maintenance of your boiler will extend its operating life and cut down on utility costs.

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  • We Carry The Industry’s Best Air Filtration Models

Benefits of Having A Boiler

Below are some of the benefits of having A boiler

Water is a much better thermal conductor than air is. Water will warm up faster and retain heat for longer periods of time over the air. This makes it much more efficient as it heats your home.

Hot air rises, keeping most of your warm air near the ceiling and as it cools it will start to sink. But a boiler system uses radiant heating to keep your heat near the floor, where it is most needed. 

If you have ever gone through a dry, Alberta winter, you know how important humidity levels in your home can be. A boiler system will not dry out your home while it heats your home.

Selecting energy efficient sources of heat production can reduce energy costs and helps protect the environment by reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases. Worldwide, boiler systems are now a popular choice due to their ecological benefits. They are also a popular choice for allergic people as radiant heating reduces the transmission of allergens and dust across your home. 

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In Wiehler’s our expert team goes above and beyond to make sure you receive the ultimate customer experience. No matter the size of the job, we work with the same precision and care from start to finish. Whether it’s a quick drain cleaning you need or a comprehensive repiping you require, we have your back. You can rest assured knowing we will perform the repair or installation and get your home back in working order in no time at all.

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