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Boiler Repair

Request a free in-home consultation for any boiler repair, maintenance, or upgrade projects. 

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Why Choose Wiehler Plumbing and Heating for Your Boiler Install & Repair?

Ensuring your boiler heating system is in good working order for the upcoming cold weatherAn annual boiler inspection and maintenance is recommended, as these precautions can protect your family from carbon monoxide poisoning. Our heating technicians can handle any boiler repair, inspection, or replacement project to help you extend the life of your boiler and provide the highest level of comfort at home. 

  • Excellent parts and labour warranties  
  • Upfront pricing  
  • Free call-back services  
  • Financing plan available  

Benefits of Having A Boiler

Below are some of the benefits of having A boiler

It takes less energy to heat water than it does to heat air. As a result, installing a boiler heating system can help you save money on your utility bills. Natural gas, oil, or electricity can all be used to power boilers. 

Boilers are ideal for those who want to be environmentally conscious. They release less carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide while still providing a high level of efficiency in heating your home. 

According to Health Canada, you should aim for a humidity level of 30 to 55 percent in your home. In the winter, this ideal moisture level will make your home feel warmer and cozier. Unlike furnace, boiler heating system maintains a higher level of humidity because heating water requires less air infiltration and exfiltration. 

Certain liquid like water is a better heat conductor than air – water heats up quickly and retains its heat for a longer period of time. Boiler systems evenly and consistently distribute the heat in hot water as it passes through radiators or other devices throughout the house. 

Why Choose Us

At Wiehler Plumbing and Heating, our expert team goes above and beyond to ensure you have the best possible customer experience. From start to finish, we work with the same precision and care, regardless of the job. We’ve got your back, whether you need a quick inspection service or an emergency repair. You can rest assured that we will have your heating and plumbing system up and running in no time. 

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