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Ceiling Leak

4 plumbing issues that can cause your ceiling to leak

Eric Wiehler

Most homeowners ignore early signals of a water leak because it doesn’t seem bad enough to bother. Sometimes they want to skip the issue because they rather not know what will come up once they dig into it (a big mistake you don’t want to make) A plumbing leak can escalate quickly damaging the structure of your home and ruining your electronics doubling the expense of the cost to repair! The good news are most standard plumbing leaks are usually pretty simple to detect and repair. For example, an irritating sound or a pool of water will alert you to a leaking faucet or loose fixture. But what about those concealed leaks that can go unnoticed for days, if not weeks, with no apparent signs of trouble? If you notice this happening, you may wonder what causes it is. While here are four possible reasons that may cause your ceiling to leak, one thing is for sure, is time to call a plumbing repair in Calgary. These are four common reasons for a leaky ceiling. 



Drain Pipe leak 


If your ceiling fails a condensation examination, you may want to think of possible causes of an actual leak. These could be water supply pipes leaking or possibly having severe condensation problems or drain lines. This water is finding its path to the sewer, and trust us, you don’t want it dripping on your head.  



Your roof is damaged or wearing off


Usually, a roof will last 10-15 years, but leaks can develop anytime due to storm damage, animals such as birds nesting or other infestations. Your homeowner’s insurance covers most damages caused by nature. However, if it’s just general wear and tear, you should check your roof’s warranty. 



Broken Toilet 



Toilets could be a double threat: a running toilet wastes water even faster than a dripping faucet. If your toilet is leaking, it can ruin hardwood flooring or the ceiling pretty quickly. If you notice your toilet is leaking, you should get a plumbing repair service as soon as possible. 



If your ceiling is leaking from a lighting fixture  



Water leaking from a ceiling light fixture can be a hazardous and damaging condition that should be addressed immediately.  


If you’ve never dealt with a complex scenario like this before, it’s critical to learn how to deal with this specific type of water leak.  



Leaky Ceilings are an indicator you need plumbing repair; in Calgary, Wiehler Plumbing and Heating is here to help you with any problems you may experience. Leaky ceilings can damage electrical installations and equipment as well as the structure of your home.