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Top 4 Benefits of In-Floor Heating


You might have heard of in-floor – or radiant floor – heating before, as it’s fairly on trend these days – particularly for bathrooms. There are several benefits of having in-floor heating installed, which definitely justifies the price. If you’re interested in having in-floor heating installed in your home, then here are the top four benefits as voted by our experts.

Easy to Use

In-floor heating is incredibly easy to use and operate, given that it’s controlled with a thermostat just as a furnace would be. You can control the temperature with a push of a button. In-floor heating is also compatible with new modern Wi-Fi thermostats and require little to no maintenance.

Highly Efficient

In-floor heating is highly efficient, as they require lower temperatures than traditional radiators to function at peak efficiency. Given that they require less energy, in-floor heating can help decrease the cost of your energy bills. The average household can save up to 15% on heating bills thanks to the efficiency of an in-floor heating system.


With in-floor heating, there’s no need to worry about sharp edges or hot surfaces – as with radiators – and there’s no need to worry about whether you cleaned out your vents. Additionally, in-floor heating can help with improving the air quality of your home, as it doesn’t rely on air circulation.

Easy Installation

In many cases, in-floor heating is incredibly easy to install. In many cases, it can be bought pre-spaced and easily attached to mesh, making it easy to roll out and secure it.

If you’re interested in in-floor heating and its many benefits then Wiehler Mechanical can help. If you’ve got questions or are looking for an installation consult and quote, then give us at Wiehler a call today.

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