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4 Commonly Asked Plumbing-Related Questions

If you’ve got questions related to or about plumbing, then you’ve come to the right place. Thanks to a plumber near you, we’ve gathered four of the most commonly asked plumbing-related questions and answered them. Here’s what you need to know about your most frequently asked plumbing questions.

What is hard and soft water?

Hard water has mineral ions within it – like calcium, lime, and magnesium – whereas soft water does not have these mineral ions. With hard water, the main issue is that it can cause mineral and sediment build-up in your pipes, eventually causing them to clog. But you can also feel the differences between hard and soft water, with soft water producing a better lather and requiring less detergent when you do a load of laundry.

Why am I experiencing constant drainage problems?

Frequent drainage problems are often the result of clogging within your pipes. Your pipes’ age might also factor in to the constant clogging. Slow drainage might be an indicator that there’s a large clog in your pipes, roots in the pipeline, or a potential sewer backup. If you’re noticing these problems increase in frequency or get worse, then you’re going to need to contact a plumber near you to solve the problem.

Are noisy pipes normal?

No, it’s not normal to have your pipes make noise. If you’re hearing strange sounds like clunking or rattling or other such noises, then that can mean that there’s a blockage in the pipes. You’re going to want to have a plumber look into the matter ASAP.

Is it normal for my toilet to always be running?

Normally, when you flush your toilet, there’s a lever that pulls on a flap which opens the water tank. As this lever falls back into place, the water level recedes. If the chain on the flapper is too long or too short, then the toilet might end up running far longer than normal because the flushing mechanism wasn’t successful.

Although plumbing might be a confusing and overwhelming subect, hopefully it’s less so now with these answers. If you’ve got any further questions or concerns, give your local plumber near you a call today! Wiehler are your local Calgary plumbers; give us a call today!

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