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Why Is It Necessary to Service AC Every Year?

Eric Wiehler

Table of Content- 

  • Introduction  
  • In the summer, you have a fully functional appliance.  
  • You save money by doing so.  
  • You maintain the warranty.  
  • Extending Your appliance’s Lifespan. 
  • You improve your appliance’s efficiency.  


Your air conditioning repair service provider must be reminding you that your air conditioner needs service once a year. It may feel a little excessive on your part, as you would pay a large sum every year to hire a maintenance professional HVAC company Calgary. But, is it required to service the air conditioner once a year?  


Are you going to accept the minimum comfort for the equipment you depend on?


The answer, if you’re like most homeowners, is a resounding no. However, you want to give your appliance the best possible care, and having it serviced once a year is one way to do so.  


Checking on your appliance once a year has several advantages, including:  


In the summer, you have a fully functional Device. 


In the winter, most people don’t use their appliances. Because you weren’t using your air conditioner, it may have degraded and is no longer performing as well as it should.  

To have an energy-efficient appliance in the summer, you should inspect your air conditioner and ensure that all parts are in good working order. Getting your unit serviced in the spring is like having your automobile prepared and lubricated after a year of inactivity.  It performs better and saves you money in the long run.  


You save money by doing so. 


You save money not just because a well-maintained appliance runs more effectively but also because you don’t have to employ an expensive emergency AC repair technician to fix a broken device.   Regular tune-ups may avoid almost half of all AC problems. But, going back to the automotive analogy, examining your vehicle and repairing one that has already failed is not the same. The latter is more costly. The same is true with air conditioners. It is significantly less expensive to hire an AC repair specialist to examine the unit than hire one to repair a broken air conditioner in the middle of the summer.  


You maintain the warranty. 

When a problem arises, most air conditioning equipment comes with a warranty that allows you to repair or replace the unit. Unfortunately, most air conditioner manufacturers need you to maintain your device in good condition to maintain your warranty.  Brand standards specify that they can only provide new components if licenced HVAC specialists properly maintain your air conditioner.  If you have your appliance serviced once a year, you’ll preserve your warranty, which might be helpful in the future.  


Extending Your appliance’s Lifespan. 


A well-maintained air conditioner will last a long time because routine inspection prevents issues from arising in the first place, keeping your appliance in good condition and extending its Lifespan.  


When you ignore your unit for years, you’ll miss even the most minor issues. These issues gradually worsen to the point that you’ll have to pay hundreds of dollars to repair them. A mismanaged air conditioner has a limited lifespan as well.  


You improve your appliance’s efficiency. 


A well-maintained air conditioner is also more energy-efficient. A simple AC tune-up may enhance your air conditioner’s effectiveness by up to 5%, which means not only a better-functioning device but also cost-efficiency.  


On the other hand, a neglected appliance is inefficient in terms of energy use for a variety of reasons. Dirt on the coils is one of the explanations. When the coils get clogged, they cannot transmit heat as effectively as they should, resulting in a cold home.  


The air conditioner can also clog, resulting in excessive humidity and water damage. Inadequate lubrication might also cause the motor to stop working correctly. The blowers may also be overly unclean, resulting in a lack of cold air in the house.  


The AC repair services or HVAC service inspects the appliance and repairs any problem areas during the annual tune-up.