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Five ways to check if your furnace is working or not

Eric Wiehler

You dress in your cosiest thick socks, your scarf securely wraps over your neck and shoulders, and the air is crisp. Unfortunately, you are not outside but rather shivering inside your house since your furnace has broken down! What you can do next is the dilemma?  

Table of Content 


  • Overview  
  • Dirty furnace filters  
  • Thermostat issues  
  • Is the furnace turned on?  
  • Inspect air ducts  
  • Schedule an appointment  
  • Final Words  


Of course, the first thought that comes to mind is to seek in the experts for heating system repair – and that is never a bad idea. But did you know there are a few things you should think about before moving forward?  


Here are five frequent issues that may cause your furnace to stop working, most of which need the assistance of a heating technician. 


Dirty furnace filters


Is your furnace turning on but not generating as much heat as it should? Dirty filters are often the cause of an inefficient furnace. Since air filters collect dust, grime, and debris such as hair, they may limit or block essential air circulation over time, scorching the heat exchanger and stopping your furnace from functioning correctly. Just buy a new filter from the local retail or hardware shop and replace it according to the directions in your owner’s guide. 


Thermostat issues


The thermostat, which is the control center of your heating system, is the cause of many a faulty furnace, despite how easy it seems. 


Adjust your thermostat to heat rather than fantastic to examine, then set it to 5 degrees over room temperature to check whether the furnace turns on.  


The issue may be as easy as the thermostat’s batteries if it isn’t functioning correctly. The display will go blank when the batteries run out, and the thermostat will no longer be able to control your HVAC system. To prevent this problem, it’s a good idea to change the batteries once a year.  


Is the furnace turned on?


We hate to say it, but is it possible that your furnace switches on or not? If your furnace has just had repairs or maintenance and isn’t functioning for any reason, you should double-check that it switches back on. A simple power switch includes on every furnace. Locate a standard wall switch on it or near your furnace and determine if it is on or off.  

You should also check your furnace’s circuit breaker or fuses, which may have been switch off. Finally, prevent sure the front panel shielding the blower motor is firmly secured; underneath it is a push-in switch that must be depressed for your furnace to turn on. 


Inspect air ducts


Have you observed cold spots in your house even while the air vents are blowing hot air? The issue maybe with the air ducts. Look for handles that extend from the ductwork; these are airflow controls. You should double-check if they’re all the way open.  


If some rooms are still chilly, you may have an issue with leaky ducts or ducts that weren’t set up correctly. It is a significant issue that may increase your energy cost. Examine any ducts you can access for clogged or leaking ducts that may be limiting airflow. If there are any gaps among sections of ducts or splitting out points? Metal duct tape may use to seal them.  


Also, ensure sure your vents aren’t obstructed or obscured by furniture or other items in your house, like curtains, plants, or wall art. 


Schedule an appointment


If you’ve tested all the above and your furnace is not functioning, it’s time to contact a professional. Unfortunately, repairing a furnace isn’t one of those tasks that most homeowners can do independently, so you must call experienced HVAC repair professionals, such as our home comfort experts.  


Final Words 


Finally, consult with a Furnace Repairman at Wiehler Mechanical about any additional variables typical to your furnace’s brand and type so that you can prevent any problem that develops in the future.