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Quick Ways to Make the HVAC Process More Robust

Eric Wiehler

During the hot summer months, a low-Freon HVAC system is inefficient at cooling. You’ll note the difference straight away if your air conditioner is too old, unused, or defective. 

Attempting to repair a broken air conditioner on your own is not a good idea. You are not only putting yourself at risk, but you could also be exacerbating the problem. A defective air conditioner should be repaired by a trained technician. 

Remember that an air conditioning system that is low on Freon is a warning to contact your technician, and it’s better to get it tested before summer because you’ll be using your HVAC system often. However, you can improve the efficiency of your HVAC system by taking a few easy measures on your own. 


Maintain A Safe Environment 

Since the outside condenser device is open to the elements, dirt and debris may build up around it. Remove any residue you find around the unit with care. If it’s as safe as possible, it’ll run faster. However, don’t try to deep-clean the machine. That is work for an expert. 


Keep Vents Free of Debris 

Cleaning your air vents is beneficial not only to the efficiency of your air conditioner but will also help to reduce toxins in your house. Clean the air vents with a vacuum cleaner. Deep-cleaning the vents or operating on weakened, undersized, or oversize conduits, like a central air recharge, aren’t Handy tasks. When there are air vents that do not blow cold air while the HVAC system is switched on, call the technician. 


Remove Any Pieces That Are Obstructing the Vents 

Most people put furniture or stack boxes on top of furniture where vents are placed. Consider pushing the furniture and removing objects such as crates, dolls, and other items that might obstruct an air vent. 


Set Up a Programmable Thermostat in Your Home 

Get your installer to mount a programmable thermostat that will adjust the temperature depending on the time of day if you don’t already have one. Since nights are typically cooler, a higher setting would enable your air conditioner to work more efficiently and save you money on energy. You will lower the temperature by up to 8 degrees in the winter and increase it by up to 8 degrees in the summer. 


Invest in Window Treatments 

Window treatments like roller blinds will speed up the process of your HVAC machine reach the intended temperature. They will even help you save electricity. To effectively reduce heat flow, keep your window treatments shut. If you don’t see a difference, it’s likely that a central air conditioner running out of Freon is to reason. Have an appointment with a technician to do a thorough inspection. 


Avoid Using Heat Appliances in Summer 

Avoid using the oven on hot days if at all possible. It’s best to save it for colder weather. The same would go for your dryer. Heat-generating appliances may keep your house warmer than it seems, allowing your HVAC system to work hard and take time to cool it. 


Look For Ice 

Hot air would be blown into your home rather than cold air if your HVAC system is low on Freon. In comparison, if the air conditioner’s compressor freezes, the same thing will happen. A leak in the coolant line is the most common cause of this problem, but a dirty filter is also a common cause. If washing or removing the dirty filter doesn’t fit and your air conditioner only makes ice, it’s time to call in an expert. 


Pay Attention to The Air Conditioning Unit 

When the air conditioner starts making odd sounds, most owners will hear right away. You’re already used to the soft whirr of your air conditioner, so a new sound would definitely catch your attention. Switch off the air conditioner and contact a professional if this occurs. Continued use of a disruptive HVAC machine can cause serious harm. 

We will help you figure out if the air conditioner needs to be repaired or whether it only needs to be replenished. To schedule an appointment, call us or use the form on this website.