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How to protect my house from sewer backups?

Eric Wiehler

A foul stench coming from your drains? Are multiple drains running slow at the same time? Is wastewater pushed up through your home’s cleanout pipe? Each of these is a sign of a potential sewer backup. Worst of all – it can strike you down anytime!   

Fortunately, you can protect your home from sewer backup by planning early. Here’s how –   

  • Do not let a backup happen. Know the causes    
  • Get regular maintenance   
  • Act immediately if you suspect a possible sewer backup situation   


Let’s dive in.   

Know the causes of a sewer backup   

Precaution is better than cure. The most effective way to prevent a sewer back from happening is to not let it happen in the first place. But how? First, identify common causes of a sewer backup.   

Tree roots   

As tree roots begin to grow, underground drains start to lose strength and gradually break down. Drains that are flowing slower than the normal speed could be a sign that tree roots are interfering with your sewer system. Gurgling noises coming from your toilet could also be an indication of the same issue.   

Always inspect your drains and remove any tree roots that can potentially harm your drainage system in future.   


Clogged drains   

Drain pipes get clogged. So do sewer lines. While the problem may be temporary, and unclogging a drain could be the solution, if you see a sewage backup whenever you flush the toilet, it could be a sign of more serious issue. Like a blocked main sewer line.   

The most common reason for clogged drain is our carelessness. Our drains go through a lot. Hair, soap, toilet paper, oil, grease, wipes, dirt, food waste, and diapers and the list is endless. Dumbing just anything down the toilet will eventually lead to a clogged drain and sewer line. So, stop using your toilet like garbage can.   

Other than these, damaged sewer line, heavy rainfall for a prolonged period of time can also be the causes of a sewer backup.   

Get regular maintenance   

You can’t control rainfall. But you can obviously get a regular maintenance for your home’s drainage and sewer systems. Checking the vital systems regularly for issues will keep them healthy and in working condition. Moreover, by taking preventive measures, you can stop a costly future repair.   

Act immediately if you suspect a possible sewer backup situation  

The first thing to do at the sign of a sewage backup is to call a professional immediately. Wiehler’s is Calgary’s local expert in heating and plumbing services. The company is committed to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. They’re available 24/7, so you don’t need to worry during a plumbing or heating emergency. During an emergency, don’t panic and call for a professional plumbing services company in Calgary