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Differences Between a Boiler and Furnace

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Boiler installation

When it comes to indoor heating, choosing the best method for heating your home is an investment. Since you will be living with your decision for quite a long time, it’s vital to consider certain factors like energy efficiency, repair costs, the size of your residence, the climate you live in, and so much more. Commonly used home heating systems are boilers and furnaces. A furnace uses air to distribute heat, whereas a boiler uses a stream from hot water providing a more comfortable temperature. On the other hand, boiler installation costs are higher than installing a furnace. 


What Are the Differences? 


There is a significant difference between boiler and furnace heating. Boilers use steam from hot water to heat your home, whereas a furnace uses warm air. But the contrast goes a little further than that. The way each system operates to provide climate control during sub-zero temperatures is quite different, and it’s important to consider other factors such as repair cost and initial installation to determine which one is best for your home. 


Pros and Cons  


Furnaces are frequently less expensive and take far less time to install compared to boiler systems. Furthermore, because furnaces do not use water in the healing process, there is minimal chance of freezing during a winter power outage. However, ductwork can create a drafty environment, and the spread of dust is worse to allergy-prone families. 

Furnaces using natural gas are also susceptible to valve leaks, which can cause serious health problems. A boiler system is far more comfortable than a furnace’s forced-air system. These units are also less noisy, more energy-efficient, and produce better indoor air qualityFurthermore, boilers require fewer maintenance repairs compared to furnaces which allows homeowners to save on repair costs. 


What Else? 


There’s no need for ductwork. The heated water from the boiler system may be used for things like laundry, showers, or your dishwasher, depending on the type of boiler. The downside to these systems is that they can be more costly to install at first. However, Wiehler will ensure your boiler system installation is safe and efficient. We are committed to helping educate consumers while making this vital decision. That’s why we’ve put together this short guide to assist in your fact-finding process. 

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