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When Should You Have Home’s Air Conditioning System Serviced?

Eric Wiehler

It’s understandable that when an HVAC service provider suggests routine maintenance for your air conditioning unit or heating system, it’s tempting to ignore the advice.  

Table of Content – 

  • Overview 
  • First, a Quick Overview of What Maintenance Is 
  • Now about the “When” part. 
  • Boost Your Comfort and Security 


You may be forced to try off hiring a plumber unless something is significantly wrong with your electric heating system (for example, you aren’t getting any heat in the midst of winter), especially if everyone worked “just fine” previous season. 


Routine HVAC maintenance, like automobile maintenance, is critical for preventing repairs and other issues. As experienced HVAC technicians, we believe it is our responsibility to prove why regular maintenance is so important and when you should plan it. Once you’re ready, we’ll be there for you. Contact us to learn more about this vital service in the meanwhile. 


First, a Quick Overview of What Maintenance Is 


Most heating and air conditioning companies provide this service, although the quality of service may vary. Your HVAC professional will have a list of items to inspect, test, repair, and modify on your cooling or heating system depending on the time of year. This level of maintenance goes beyond the basic activities you should perform on your own every few months, such as changing your air filter and making sure your outside unit is clear of debris. 


Our technicians may make some changes during your HVAC maintenance appointment to assist enhance the efficiency and performance of your system. However, it’s conceivable that your HVAC system has failed components or has severe difficulties, in which case you’ll need to arrange service to repair or replace a component. 


Now about the “When” part. 


The perfect value to arrange maintenance is before you need your system the most, as you would have predicted. Therefore, if we’re speaking regarding your heating system, the optimum time to schedule service is in the fall. The best time to use your air conditioner is generally in the springtime. During these hours, HVAC experts will be less likely to be on the roads due to emergency services, enabling you to schedule repair at your leisure. 


When it comes to scheduling your maintenance session, however, how often you schedule it is more important than when you schedule it.  Once a year, get your HVAC systems inspected by a professional. If you have a conventional central air conditioner or a furnace, you should have each of these devices serviced once a year. If you have a heat pump system that you use all year, this service should be scheduled every six months. 


Boost Your Comfort and Security 


One of the most important reasons to get your HVAC system serviced once a year is for your comfort. Climate control systems become to function less and less effectively and efficiently over time. Natural wear and tear degrade the components, just like they do in the vehicle you drive. 


Routine maintenance keeps you safe as well. When it comes to gas-powered heating systems, this is particularly true. A broken heat exchanger may cause serious issues, such as exposing you to dangerous quantities of carbon monoxide gas and posing a fire threat. However, with maintenance, our furnace repairmen can notify you to these sorts of issues so that fixes may be made as soon as possible.