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When Should You Replace or Repair Your Toilet?

Most toilet problems can be easily fixed with an inexpensive repair that restores its functionality. However, without adequate plumbing knowledge, it is hard to tell when to seek toilet repair or replacement services. You should call in a plumbing repair in Calgary if your toilet has the following issues.

1. Consistently Clogging

Toilets clog once in a while due to different reasons, like a weakened flash. However, your toilet shouldn’t often clog, like several days in a week. Frequent clogging could indicate mineral deposits from the water have accumulated in the drain.

When mineral deposits collect in the drainpipe, they harden over time, blocking water or toilet waste from passing through the pipes. You need to call in professional drain cleaning services for repair or replacement.

2. Doesn’t Flush Properly

A sign of a major toilet malfunction is when your toilet doesn’t flush properly or no longer flushes at all. If you need to flush repeatedly to get the job done, it could be the flapper is closing prematurely, a clog in the vent pipes, or low water levels.

Faulty flushing will increase your water bill, which could cause additional expenses. Besides, if there is a weak flush, the water won’t have enough pressure to blast and wash away these deposits. The result will be a clogged toilet.

3. Needs Too Many Repairs

How often have you had to call in a plumber to repair your toilet? After years of use, your toilet might need minor repairs like handle replacements due to wear and tear.

However, if there are cracks or other types of damage that keep reappearing after calling in a plumber, it is time to replace your toilet. Sometimes, repairs end up costing more than a replacement. Replacing offers better performance and prevents future problems without extra repair expenses.

Contact Reliable Plumbers for Your Toilet Needs

Your toilet is an essential fixture in your home. Therefore, you need to ensure it is well maintained and optimally functioning. If you encounter any of the above signs, contact My Calgary Plumber for professional plumbing services.

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