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Soft water is free from harsh minerals that can cause damage to your home’s water system and your body. Because hard water can cause damage to your water system, it’s important to find someone who will do a professional job and guarantee their work. At Wiehler, we have four decades of experience with water softeners and can help you navigate the many options, so you always have peace of mind over your home’s water system. 

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What Is Hard Water?

When there is an excessive presence of the naturally-occurring minerals, calcium, and magnesium, you end up with hard water. Hardness in water can have harmful effects on your home’s water system. 

 There are some easy ways to tell if your water is too hard. You may notice a feeling of residue on your hands, skin, and hair upon washing. While using water for cleaning purposes, hard water would leave spots or a film of residue on your dishes, shower, or clothing. You also might find particles inside your dishwasher or laundry machine. Calcium buildup can damage your appliances, so it’s best to act quickly when you suspect you might have hard water.

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