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The damage to your home from improper repairs or installations can be excessive. When choosing your plumber, it’s important to find someone who will do a professional job and guarantee their work. Anything less is a gamble with your home’s value because water damage can spread far beyond the original problem point. 

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At Wiehler, we have four decades of experience keeping water in its place. A clogged drain can be very frustrating. We can clear the toughest blockages and diagnose the problem with a video so that it doesn’t happen again. We specialize in: 

Unclog Sinks, Toilets, And Showers

Clear Main Drains To The City Line

Video Inspections

Maintenance Against Roots And Other Blockages

Chemical Treatments

Sewer Replacement

A blocked drain can become a serious problem. A clogged drain can lead to poor drainage, dirty water, bad odours, and leaks. As well as worsening health problems such as allergies and asthma when bad odours are released. A clogged drain could even lead to contaminated water that can irritate the skin or pose a serious health risk if the water is consumed. A clogged drain can be caused by many different things and at Wiehler we’re equipped to take care of them all. Our powerful augers will clear even the toughest clog. Our licensed professional technicians take great care to leave your space clean and spotless.

Repeat clogs in your mainline can be due to damaged pipes or encroaching tree roots. Our included video inspection will identify the cause of your blockage. From there, we offer many options for preventing future problems including chemical treatments. For difficult problems, we offer trench and trenchless sewer replacements which resolve the problem permanently.

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We treat our employees and customers like family. That means honest and fair business practices, in addition to quality workmanship and professional advice. We strive to start and finish each job with smiles all around by:

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