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A broken AC system during a hot Calgary summer is an inconvenience to your home comfort. We’re the team that can get you back up and running! We offer 24-hour service on air conditioner repairs. 

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1 Year Parts & Labour A/C Warranty Included With No Call-Out Fees

2 Year Parts & Labour A/C Warranty Included With Our Maintenance Plan

No Use of Subcontractors – Only the Wiehler Team Will Visit Your Home

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We offer 24 hour Air Conditioner Repair

Signs That Your Air Conditioner Is Not Performing Well

We will review the repair requirements and work with you to determine if A/C Replacement Unit is required. We will always work to give you peace of mind on re-investing in your current unit.

Reduced Air Delivery

Your A/C should be providing you with consistent airflow. When your A/C air flow is blocked it has to work harder, this results in inconsistent temperatures and increased electricity bills.

Increased Noise

Your air conditioner shouldn’t be noisy. When a unit is properly tuned it will run smoothly and quietly.

A/C Leaking Fluid

A leak in your A/C lines can result in your A/C not cooling your home. We offer 24-hour air conditioner repair to make sure you’re always comfortable in your home. We will review the repair requirements and work with you to determine if a replacement unit is required. We will always work to give you peace of mind re-investing in your current unit.

Bad Odour

Sometimes wet filters, a clog in the drain line, or buildup of fungus or mold can cause your A/C to give off a bad odour. If you think your A/C might smell, you will want to fix this right away. 

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We treat our employees and customers like family. That means honest and fair business practices, in addition to quality workmanship and professional advice. We strive to start and finish each job with smiles all around by:

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