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Boiler Repair Service 5 Signs You Need To Look For

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Boiler installation

If you require boiler repair service, do not DIY! With boilers being a reliable source of hot water and heat, having a faulty one can turn out to be a nightmare. It can be risky to fix the problem associated with boilers as the high temperatures, pressure, and combustible natural gases involved can be dangerous. The safest option is to look for a licensed technician for boiler repair service.  

Boiler Repair Service  Signs to Look For


No Heat 

It can be incredibly frustrating when you discover your boiler isn’t working. This problem could be due to a malfunctioning of the thermostat. Also, a valve or circulation pump and drop in water level can translate to your boiler not heating up. Finally, you should check your pressure gauge to ensure the problem is not resulting from low pressure.  


Water Leaks  

Leaking is commonly associated with internal components such as poorly installed or corroded pipework. Faulty pressure valves resulting from increased pressure are also a possible reason why your boiler is leaking. Some problems associated can be fixed at a lower cost; others may result in major component failure. 


Unusual Sounds from your Boiler 

Even though your boiler may produce some sounds when firing up, unusual sounds such as whistling, rumbling, or gurgling noises are an indication that repair service is needed. There are various reasons why your boiler may be producing such sounds, including limescale build-up and low pressure. Again, a trained technician will be able to identify the issue with your boiler.  

Low Water Pressure  

All boilers have specific minimum water pressure. Usually, boilers have a cutoff switch that automatically turns the boiler off if the pressure falls below the minimum level. Leaks and expansion tank complications may be a probable cause of low water pressure. The pressure may also drop if you leave your system low for a prolonged period.  

Faulty Radiator? Could be a Sign for Boiler Repair Service 

In some cases, the radiator may not be heating properly due to the build-up of sludge. Sludge leads to cold patches in the radiator leading to unequal distribution of heat. In this case, we need to bleed the whole system. 


Wiehler’s Boiler repair technicians have years of experience installing, repairing, and maintaining residential and commercial boiler systems. Our dedicated team is committed to offering quality services at a reasonable cost and promptly. We are your boiler specialists, available to assist you with boiler repair, replacement, and alternative solutions. Give us a call!